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For custom neon signs Melbourne businesses choose Advanced Signmakers. With our expertise and skills that have been refined for over 20 years, our custom neon signs provide a lasting impression, often becoming a focal point that is unique and memorable. As every business is different, our approach for each client will be different. We pride ourselves on our client relationships, making sure that we listen to your needs and specifications so we can guide you in the right direction for your business. From neon signs that are truly a piece of art to those that are more minimalist, each one is personalised and effective. Bespoke neon signs provide Melbourne businesses with the edge they need to stand out.

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Neon signs are first and foremost about being eye-catching and attracting the attention of customers. Though some people consider neon signs to be retro, in recent years many businesses, international and domestic alike, have been embracing the method for their versatility and aesthetic. Neon signs, Melbourne businesses have found, can even be an allure in itself. For example, many restaurants have been creating fun ‘instagram opportunities’ for their customers which results in free advertising across social media pages. Great for lettering and basic shapes, neon signs can be fully customisable as they bent into almost any shape you require. Timeless bold fonts can be hard to top, but we will cater to your specifications and take care of the rest for you.

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Creating impressive neon signage is a truly simple process for the professionals at Advanced Signmakers. Neon signs are simply a glass tube which holds a substantial amount of inert gas. Due to the passing electrical current this gas then glows, creating an impact with the desired neon effect. We customise these glass tubes by bending them into the specified lettering or shapes. Another element which can be fully personalised is the colour that the tubing will glow. The custom neon signs Melbourne businesses use can be any shape, colour or size, within reason of course. When designing these signs, some considerations must be taken into account, which our team will explain.

Designing neon signs
Melbourne wide

So, you’ve started to see more neon signs Melbourne wide and you want in on the action? Advanced Signmakers can help you make your neon dreams a reality. From the very beginning we can assist you with all the conceptual design considerations. We work together with you to choose which font, colour and size will create the best impact for your space. When it comes to the sign content, we usually recommend going with something that can communicate your brand with just a glance. This will usually be a logo, brand name or a short, concise message that will have an impact. To discuss what neon signs can do for your brand or business, give us a call on 1300 623 192 today or visit our contact page.

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