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If you’re looking for creative 24/7 exposure for your brand, illuminated lettering could be the solution for you. Advanced Signmakers Melbourne can custom manufacture an endless range of illuminated lettering to your specifications. The benefits of these signs are numerous, from their versatility in aesthetics to the many ways you can implement them around your property. For high-quality illuminated signs Melbourne businesses choose Advanced Signmakers for our passion and expertise. We manufacture illuminated signs in all shapes and colours using the finest materials and latest technologies to ensure a professional finish. We’re passionate about helping your business to create a lasting impression.

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The variety of illuminated lettering results from your choice of materials used for the body of the letter, how they’re attached to the property, the different combinations of light aperture and the resulting illumination effect. The frames are also an essential element of the final product, as they form the sides of the illuminated letter. But perhaps the most critical factor in the finished product is the size of the letter. This will play a crucial role in the effect that the overall sign has on the observer. The possibilities are endless, and we continue to push the boundaries to promote brands in extraordinary ways. We can provide you with comprehensive advice and recommend a design to suit your brand message and your budget.

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Illuminated signage does not only belong on the exterior of a shop front. While that is the more traditional placement for this type of sign, there is a significant trend that sees them being used more creatively, even bringing them indoors. Our illuminated signs have been used in numerous ways from lighting internal display cases for promoting stock to making menu boards a focal point and even adding an architectural edge to shop fascias. In your reception or foyer, they reflect positively on the success of your business. Given their versatility and ability to be personalised for every business, illuminated lettering is an ideal way to ensure your building, office or store is more recognisable to those looking for you or is attractive to new customers.

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Illuminated signs can turn your business into 24-hour displays that catch the eye of those passing by. If it’s important for your business to be distinctive, the Advanced Signmakers team can design, manufacture and install bespoke illuminated lettering that fits your brief. We’ll work with you every step of the process, providing a high-quality finished product that is bright and long-lasting. We’ll consult with you and determine what applications are right for you and your space. For durable and bright illuminated signs Melbourne can trust Advanced Signmakers to ensure the process is smooth and efficient. If you’d like to explore the possibilities available to you, get in touch with us today on 1300 623 192.

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