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Light box signs are a timeless yet effective way to make your brand or business stand out on the street at any time of the day or night. These signs are the ideal way to increase visibility as they’re often hard to miss, in the best way possible. The appeal of the light box sign comes from its versatility in customising them and their aesthetic power. Even though there’s a common assumption that light boxes are solely for exterior purposes, they can actually also be used on the interior too. Either way, light boxes are eye-catching and can effectively draw in new customers. For personalised light box signs Melbourne companies trust Advanced Signmakers to do the job in the highest possible quality.

How do they work?

Light boxes have a backlit display behind the customised panel. This will illuminate the panel, making the colours seem brighter and more intense. Depending on the design of the panel and the box as well, we can draw a focal point to one specific part of the panel if you wish. There are many options when it comes to light boxes, even including the type of material the box itself is made out of. This can help when it comes to various budget restrictions. You can also choose to turn the light off at night and only have it on during the day or vice versa. The opportunities are truly endless when it comes to light box signs.

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There are numerous benefits to having light box signs Melbourne stores, offices and companies have experienced. They find light boxes are a great way to illuminate their premises, highlighting to customers exactly where they are and communicating their brand message effectively. They are usually relatively inexpensive to run as you can choose when it’s on and when it’s not, and the high quality that we provide at Advanced Signmakers means it’s easy to maintain as well. The versatility is another reason to choose light boxes. Not only can you can add any panel you wish, install it in or outdoors but you can also choose between a single or double sided option.

Discuss your ideas with us

Given the many types of light box signage we provide, from illuminated extrusion light boxes to the more traditional light boxes, our first step is to discuss your specific project. As every business is different, your needs will be different from our last project and our next. We’ll work with you to decide what type of light box suits your needs the best. We’ll consider your space, what you hope to achieve and your budget to ensure we create the perfect solution for you. For the highest quality light box signs Melbourne trusts Advanced Signmakers, so to set up a consultation or just discuss your options give us a call on 1300 623 192.

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